Northrop Grumman Approved Special Processors Listings - Supplier Report
Aero Components LLC: 90048467 - Manufacturer - NADCAP Approved
5124 Kaltenbrun Road
Fort Worth, TX 76199 United States
Phone: 817-572-3003 ext 114    Fax:

Specification Process Description Category Limits
C-11 Surface Preparation for Structural Adhesive Bonding Chemical Processing Limits: None
C-59 Surface Preparation for Structural Adhesive Bonding of Aluminum Alloys Chemical Processing Limits: None
FP-153 Primer MIL-P-85582, Epoxy, Voc Compliant, Application of Chemical Processing Limits: None
IT-34 Adhesive Bonding Testing Materials Testing Limits: Limited to lap shear and drum peel testing only
MA-108 Structural Adhesive Bonded Assemblies for Use up to 180F Composites Limits: None
QC-14 Thermal Equipment Control for the Processing and Storage of Materials Miscellaneous Limits: None
QC-9 Controlled Environmental Facilities for Structural Bonding Composites Limits: None