Northrop Grumman Approved Special Processors Listings - Supplier Report
Magnetic Inspection Lab: 90051537 - Independent Processor - NADCAP Approved
1401 Greenleaf Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-5536 United States
Phone: 847-621-5640    Fax: (847) 437-4538
Selected sector: AS

Specification Process Description Category Limits
AMS 2700 Passivation Treatments for Corrosion-Resistant Steel Chemical Processing Limits: Method 1 only, Type 1,2,3,6,7,8
ASTM A967 Chemical Passivation Treatments for Stainless Steel Parts Chemical Processing Limits: Nitric only Type 1,2,3,4,5
ASTM B117 Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus Non-Destructive Testing Limits: In-house testing only
ASTM E1417 Standard Practice for Liquid Penetrant Testing Non-Destructive Testing Limits: None
ASTM E1444 Standard Practice for Magnetic Particle Testing Non-Destructive Testing Limits: None
GP 17 G Procedure, Etching prior to Penetrant Inspection Chemical Processing Limits: None
GSS 26201 Chemical Milling of Steel Chemical Processing Limits: RCI 038981 was dispositioned to allow use of alternate solution, excluding periodic analysis IAW supplier procedure 24 MF 10 (5/24/06)
GSS 4310 Application of Primer Coating, Epoxy Polyamide Chemical Processing Limits: Limited to air dry only. Force cure required NGAS approval per RCI
GSS 4510 Coating, Polyurethane, Application of Chemical Processing Limits: None
GSS 7021 Acid Cleaning of Ferrous Alloys Chemical Processing Limits: Limited to passivation only
GT 23 A Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection Non-Destructive Testing Limits: None
MA-111 Chemical Milling of Ferrous & Nickel Base Alloy Chemical Processing Limits: None
MIL-DTL-5541 Chemical Conversion Coatings for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Chemical Processing Limits: Limited to Type 1 only
MIL-F-18264 Finishes Organic, Weapons System, Application and Control of Chemical Processing Limits: None
MIL-PRF-8625 Anodic Coatings For Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Chemical Processing Limits: 5% sodium or potassium dichromate seal is required when Mil-A-8625, Type II anodize is called out on C-2, E-2C/D, EA-6B, EA-18G or E-8 (Jstars) engineering drawings.
NGT23K Magnetic Particle Method of Inspection for Non-Destructive Test Non-Destructive Testing Limits: None