Northrop Grumman Approved Special Processors Listings - Specification Report
GSS 22650 Adhesive Bonding of Metallic and Non-Metallic, General Purpose Composites
Supercedes: None Superceded By: None
Selected sector: AS

Number Name State Country
90048467 Aero Components LLC TX United States
90024671 Aircraft Tubular Components Inc FL United States
90174381 Align Precision 597 North 1500 West UT United States
90054958 Applied Aerospace Structures Corporation CA United States
90024605 Banner Metalcraft Inc NY United States
90046051 East/West Industries Inc NY United States
90055235 Globe Engineering Company Inc KS United States
90075162 GSE Dynamics Inc. NY United States
90050724 Helicomb International Inc OK United States
90056626 Kaman Composites - Wichita, Inc. KS United States
90077285 Potez Composites France
90052667 Royal Engineered Composites NE United States
90070598 Russell Plastics Technology Company Inc NY United States
90046508 Stelia Aerospace North America Inc Canada
90024639 Triangle Rubber Company Inc NY United States
90053657 Valco Manufacturing Company OK United States
90046204 Welding Metallurgy Inc NY United States