Northrop Grumman Approved Special Processors Listings - Specification Report
LMA-PJ013 Touch-up Requirements for Chemical and Organic Finishes Chemical Processing
Supercedes: None Superceded By: None
Selected sector: AS

Number Name State Country
90051954 3P Processing KS United States
90064464 Accurus Aerospace Athens, LLC GA United States
90048491 Aeroparts Fabricating and Machining dba Aerofab Inc PA United States
90048618 All Metals Processing of Orange County CA United States
90048908 Atlas Aerospace LLC KS United States
90051682 Metal Finishing Company Inc KS United States
90067790 NC Dynamics LLC CA United States
90068865 Orizon Aerostructures LLC KS United States
90066422 Paragon Services Inc Sheridan KS United States
90052168 Paragon Services Inc West St. KS United States
90059997 Quickstep Technologies Pty Ltd Australia
90068157 Steelville Manufacturing Co. MO United States
90046508 Stelia Aerospace North America Inc Canada
90014606 Stroco Manufacturing Inc MO United States
90066334 Tech Manufacturing LLC MO United States
90065696 The Nordam Group Inc OK United States
90068116 TRINITY PRECISION INC KS United States