Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems Supplier Assurance approves and maintains an "Approved Special Processors List" (ASPL) for all NGAS programs. This list can be sorted by supplier
name, process specification, process category, state and country. Please note that NGAS approved processors for the F-35 Program and Space Systems Division can be located by clicking
F-35 or SSD under Process Category. Under Helpful Links this website also lists the NDT technique approvals, one by processor and the other by part number. In addition, this web site provides
short cuts to the Boeing & Lockheed web sites for the F/A-18 and F-35 Programs, respectively. For any additional information, please contact either Russ Cole at Phone: (321) 951-5662
Cell Phone:(321) 266-7922 E-mail: Russ.Cole@ngc.com or Robin Frenzel at Phone: (516) 575-1977 E-mail: Robin.Frenzel@ngc.com

Warning:   Northrop Grumman process specifications contain technical data whose export is restricted by the Arms Export Act (Title 22, U.S.C., Sec 2751 et seq.) or the Export Administration
Act (Title 50, U.S.C., App. 24001-240). Violation of these export laws are subject to severe criminal penalties.